Who use style consultant?

I've trouble with my style. I can't wear properly for any occasion and I can't buy right clothes for me. So I decided to get help.

Is there any one who get help from style consultant and see de change? Is there anyone to guide me what to do?


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  • I attended a short course of about 5 sessions conducted by Colour Me Beautiful when I was 17.Its benefits last me a lifetime because after attending the course,I'm much better at choosing color shades for clothing and cosmetics that suit me and so saves me a lot of mistakes and money in the long run and helps me to look better and more youthful too.

    According to Colour Me Beautiful,everyone falls into a particular seasonal palette such as Clear Spring,Light Summer,Soft Autumn,Deep Winter,Clear Winter,Warm Autumn etc. They ''diagnose'' you according to the warmness,coolness,intensity and contrast of your hair,eye and skin color.I was ''diagnosed'' as a Clear Spring because of the sharp contrast between my eye/hair and skin.

    I also learnt that everyone can wear any color(except black) as long as it is in the right shade.I'm glad that my palette contains black since it is not found in most seasonal palettes:)


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  • I would use one if I wasn't too broke to use one; I think it would be fun just to try.

    • I see some web sites do that for free or chiper.

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    • That's just my personal opinion. I could be wrong and the people who are free could be doing their best and be just as knowledgeable. Don't get me wrong by no means am I saying that they are "lesser" but I would only prefer that my consultant went with me for one and then had some form of formal education in fashion sense for two. By all means try a free one first because at worst you just lose a little time and get a new outfit rather than shelling out serious money as they aren't cheap.

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  • look at websites to figure it out instead of using someone else.Its cheaper and easier.

  • you don't need someone to do that.Its boring.They weill only show you trends...how lame.