What is this guy's deal and how do I move on?

I just graduated college in my early 20s and I have NO experience in dating except some horrible first dates from pof where like 5 guys rejected me I think. I have never kissed a guy in my life.

I'm starting to think because I had a HUGE crush on this guy Joey in my college I'm some how stuck on him.

Me and Joey sort of met 2 years ago at orientation week we were both organizers and he was the president of the student council of our faculty Joey is a good looking, confident guy who appears to be a huge flirt and is also the most amazing guy I've seen at public speeches. I'm not saying he looks like Greek god or anything but he has objective good looks and just the way he talked/walked made me melt for him.

A few months before orientation that year we had a meeting and he was speaking and I got caught staring at him big time when he was at the front standing beside the girl that was doing the speaking. He then proceeded to smirk/stare me down for a good 5 min and in the row I was sitting their was no one behind me so I knew it was me.

Flash foward orientation he just told me to carry something this way we were all carrying boxes. And I ignored him he even held the door for me I didn't thank him. Then I felt bad I kept looking over at him maybe I should say something but the nerves got the best of me so I didn't. He noticed me stare again and smirked and followed me with his eyes across the lobby. I then had to hand him boxes to load onto the truck and he was smirking at me the whole time and I didn't even look at him.

Then the following entire year I got caught staring at him a few times again he stared back at me. Then we both stared at each other made insane amount of eye contact. He came over to talk to my friend who was with me at a conference but flirted with her in front of me picked her up etc. told her she looked hot. I was like k he doesn't like me. Then the following week we crossed paths down the hallway I looked saw him he saw me and then we both just looked and I walked away awkwardly. I almost ran into him once my accident when I wasn't looking and guiding my friend to something he smirked again. Anyway I stopped making eye contact and on a few occasions I caught him eavesdropping on my convo and snapping his head back when I noticed or full on eye contact staring at me a couple times after.

From fb research I know he's really popular, had over 2000 friends... a lot of girls that are friends and even a few booty calls on his wall before. I thought he didn't like me as he this year he avoided me even swurved once to avoid running into me.

I tried so hard to move on...I think I was in love with him, ridicilous. Ran into him again yesterday at my school. When I was leaving a random guy came and started asking me questions about school. I feel some eavesdropping I looked up and Joey stopped near ustolisten but when he saw me look up he has his head turned and starts walking slowly and doesn't look at me me but makes a weird face!


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  • First, if you were rejected by 5 guys and experienced bad dates, does NOT mean you are bad, unwanted, or unattractive woman. You are a unique human being with distinctive body, life, size, thoughts, intelligence, looks, and experiences. Therefore, there will be a man (men) who will see that unique beautiful and strong lady, appreciate, and embrace, and shower with love and respect. Just wait for that beautiful moment of your life to arrive and accept with confidence and respect for you and your new lover.
    Second, there could be some of your personal behavior, attitudes, and actions that might have contributed to the incidents in which guys rejected you and you are, maybe, evincing. Thus, go to your room tonight. Shut the door, turn off the light, and close your eyes with sense of peacefulness in mind. Take deep breath several times. Relax and think about you. Dare to examine your past life including your unique experiences, values, mistakes, talents, desires, and dislikes. Do not be overwhelmed. Do not get stuck at certain bad experience. Stay objective as much as you can. Recognize and accept your past experiences as choices you made, makes you who you are. Your bad, good, and great decisions, your behavior, attitudes, believes, bias, desires, and up-brings make you who are and how you relate to others. Acknowledge that your past mistakes are just lessons for you to learn from. Do not regret. Be brave. Pay attention to your instincts and desires your thoughts beget that can make you a better person so, you shorten the time you ought to meet the right guy who would shower you with respect, love, and companionship.

    Third, meet with the guy you talked about. Take deep breaths and be confident. Do not overdress and over confident. Understand that he is also an imperfect human being who has fears, insecurities, desires, wants, needs, and challenges. He, too, has been rejected many times, desires to be acknowledged, respected, and loved. Therefore, do not fear of approaching him and conversing friendly. Ask him about where he lives or his career plans (h might realize that you are interested in him) . Find out if he is married, single, or has a girlfriend. If he is a single, let him that you are interesting in two of you to have coffee together. He would be more than happy that you initiated. He would take over the process and do what wise men do; ask you out for the date, complement you, and lead you or let you know he is not the one.

    Finally, if a man rejected you, it means he was not the right person for you because no matter what mistakes you made or make, the right man can penetrate your personality to appreciate the true you and patience is the key to meet and have such a man of yours.

    I hope my writing makes sense and helps you. Be unique, strong, and know there will be a man who cry like a baby to have you on this earth so wait for that man to come to your life.

    Peace, love, and respect


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  • Time heals all wounds. My heart has been broken before too.

  • I know have been in the same boat and kind of still am. I'm getting through it by realizing it isn't me she loves anymore. People come together, and people grow apart it hurts like hell but it's the truth.

    Every time I think of her, our memories I replace her with anther girl to get try and get over the hurt find a cute guy to crush on it will help and think of him instead of an ex or someone you loved.


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