Babydoll info: What type of baby doll would suit me? G-string?

I am more of those really thin types. Small-breasted- 30B.

Short hair...

164cms and 44 kilos. More on the petite side.

How do I know that a baby doll comes with a g-string, if the description doesn't say anything, but picture has one? What type of baby doll would suit me? Halter top? The one which doesn't even have those spaghetti shoulders? Sheer? Tying in the front? Black? Pink?

Any baby doll style that'll make me look good, because I am almost flat/freaking thin...
No padded ones, please.


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  • baby dolls as I think of them are usually sort of high waisted and A-line. In my mind they are best for overweight girls who want to highlight breasts and hide midsection. Your midsection is a plus, I'd wear more a 'chemise'. They look great on petite girls.


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  • I have no idea - but I love what you are shopping for!

  • I think cami and panties set would suit more for you

  • What's a babydoll?

    • If you've ever seen Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, it's what the Fembots were wearing. If you haven't, you really ought to watch that movie

    • ah, thanks

  • If you're flat, you'll want to play up your ass and legs. Perhaps your waist and stomach as well depending on how you look.

    • Thank you for the advice. I'll keep that in mind. ^_^

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    • Yeah, the red dress. And it looked good. Not sure why I typed "cook" :P

      And it makes sense that that's Japanese. Cool emoticon though.

    • Yep, it was really good.

      Lol :P Happens with me too. Typingwriting some random word and then scratching it out (in exams). But no worries, I got what you were trying to say. ^_^

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  • I don't know what a babydoll is lol.

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