Why do many guys like eye contact?

I don't know why, but it is really difficult for me to make eye contact, especially with guys.

It just seems a little awkward to me.

My ex, for example, would get pretty annoyed with me, because I wouldn't make eye contact with him.

Also, my dad gets angry when I don't look at him when we are talking...

Why do some guys like eye contact so much?


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  • It shows respect, confidence, and that you are paying attention to only them...that's the one that's being looked for. Looking someone in the eyes is respectful, courteous, and shows that you are listening to them, looking elsewhere makes the other person feel less important and/or that you don't care. BIIIIG ego bust.

    • How does it show confidence?

      I can understand the other two... but I don't see how it shows confidence.

      So, does that mean that if eye contact isn't made, it shows disrespect?

    • To some, looking away is a mark of uncertainty or submissiveness.

    • Oh, right.


What Girls Said 1

  • i had that problem...my ex use to get annoyed with me,my father had given up with me and the eye contact thing but ...im improving...i've actually gotten better at looking people in the eye

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