I got really tipsy for the first time last night and he kissed my scrape

So I know I've been talking about this guy in his 30s well we were at another party last night and he was drinking and so was I so we were both tipsy. He saw me and said hi and gave me a huge and said he was talking business but would see me later so I went and had some wine. About a half hour later I saw him and he said he'd been looking all over for me so we started talking and I ended up tripping and faceplanting on gravel. He helped me up and I realized my shoe broke and he raised his glass to my shoes and said he was happy I was finally tipsy but my arm got scraped and stung a little and he took my arm and kissed my scrape. We hugged a bunch and I ended up kissing his cheek and neck a couple times. He is a bartender and told me next time I came to his bar he'd make me a shot called "the devil" because it has 6 kinds of alcohol in it . I'm starting to think we have a mutual thing going when drink Because we are too shy with each other sober what do you think? When I'm with him and he os drinki g I'm the only girl he hugs and is affectionate with.


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  • Any relationship that sparks under the influence of drugs ends when the drugs no longer spark the relationship. It's a bad idea. Go for it!

    • Its not lile there is no affection between us when we are sober because there is its just a lot more measured and not as much.

    • That's my point. If it were the other way around, wondrous, but it is not, and therefore it is a trap. Anything that blossoms from alcohols influence is about as genuine as a shadowtrap. What ever will you do when something of contest arises? No, it must progress from this point without such interventions.

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