Why do guys look at me?

I am insecure, but a lot of guys look at me. Guys don't talk to me though sometimes they do but its rare, they just glance. But they do friend request me on fb. Why? I feel ugly. An don't be like we wouldn't know until you post a picture. GIrls hate me some, I don't even gossip or anything so its for no reason. Other girls copy my hairstyle etc


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  • I know that you said, "Don't be like we wouldn't know until you post a picture" but honestly, there is no way for us to know if you're attractive or not without seeing you. A lot of people, myself included, are down on themselves, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are unattractive. If they're just staring at you, at least some of them probably think you're attractive. If that staring is accompanied by turning to a friend and laughing or something like that, they probably think you're ugly.

    • i actually posted a pic long time ago on my profile but ended up deleting it. Well they stare but they never laugh

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  • Maybe because they think you are attractive, despite your low self-confidence.

    • idk, I just feel more insecure when they look at me

  • We wouldn't know until you post a picture.

    • okay, just answer a simple question. Do you stare at attractive girls, like are you drawn to them or do you tend to stare at ugly girls?

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  • How the hell should I know , I don't know you and I don't see a picture of you.

    and well girls are kind of catty at your age so idk.

    • they are, what would make you hate another girl when she does nothing to you?

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    • your right oh well I'm just going to not have to care

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