Setting up students for the weekend and looking for a name

A friend and I are starting an idea in our college to help college students get to know people in the community we live. Our college is located in New York, and we are looking to set up the students for the weekend in NY, NJ area and I need a cute name for this program to be called... HELP!


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  • The name of the business really isn't the most important thing. People don't choose a hairdresser because the name of the shop is "Eric's Hair Salon" or "Hair Hitler." (Except that names beginning with A will be at the top of any alphabetical list.) They decide because of the appearance of the shop, the prices, the friendliness and competence of the staff, and the quality of the work. Decide what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Get the finance you need. By that stage a name will have occurred to you.