Looking for the "one"? Have you seen him?

Do people even want to fall in love and get married anymore? Do you believe in love? Why? I'm trying to find the love of my life, how does this happen? I'm not sure I do anymore...


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  • Just have patience. Many people want to fall in love, it's almost the most natural feeling in us all, to love and be loved back. How we get there, is another thing. Just have more patience and continue working on yourself. Your career, your every changing personality, and your appeal. Someone will notice you, don't worry. But whatever you do, do not shut yourself out from society and expect something to come to you. That isn't how it works.


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  • It happens when you aren't looking for it. When you would least expect it love will come knocking and you'll just know he's it. So do you for now and don't think about it. Your turn will come :)