What do girls think of short height guys?

I know every girl wants her guy to be at least 6ft tall, and the taller the better, no matter what the height of the girl is, at least 6ft is the ideal dream boy for EVERY girl.

But unfortunately I am 5ft only. Yeah, EVERY girl is taller and stronger than me.

Tell your views on short skinny guys. Would you even bother to talk to them and become friends with him? Do you think of them as kiddish and less manly?


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  • I am short as well only 5 feet, so height has never mattered to me.

    • But its OK for a girl to be short. Nobody cares that much, but its a curse to be short man.

      Ok, what's your ideal height guy?

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    • Hey, I wouldn't worry, if a guy was a good guy, that would be #1 on my list, height is low on my list. Sorry I am married and have been with the same person 12 years. I just know before it really didn't matter, I really only thought some people would be too tall for me really.

    • :-)

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  • It's not EVERY girl's dream. My boyfriend is only 5'6" and I'm plenty happy with his height! I know girls shorter than 5', they're out there and most of them would probably have no problem with your height.

    • Whats your height? You taller than him? ...why are you dating such a short guy? Do you find him manly enough?

    • Oh it's you again, nevermind.

    • What do you mean?

  • I am only 5'2" and it wouldn't bother me. But even f you are short, you could still lift weights and bulk up just a little (not too much). Short muscular guys can be very sexy!

    • I totally agree with bellegirl bulk up a little it's super sexy ;)

    • Naw, I think bulky short guys don't appeal.

  • Well I'm a short girl so for me I like shorter guys 6 feet is to tall for me I have dated LOTS of short guys don't worry just look for a short girl :)

    • Whats your height? And what height guys you have dated , what's ideal range of height for a guy for u?

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    • Yeah I would date a 5' guy

    • U would be taller than him, and would tower over him in heels. Won't you feel awkward and think of him as less manly? Would you dominate him pschologicaly and even physically?

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