Why did she give me that look?

So I was riding BART today(its the subway in the bay area) and I was glancing around while we were moving. When I looked at this girl she was like, looking at me with big eyes and I was kind of taken aback.

Was she freaked out by me or did she like me? Her reaction looked freaked out but I have no idea.. I just looked away slowly and tried to act normal.


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  • Maybe she just has big eyes? Some people just look like they're always freaked out. Or, maybe she was staring at you, and thought you noticed. I dunno, there are some strange people on public transport, so I would just brush it off, and move on.

    • Well, it wasn't that she has big eyes cause I could tell they were just wide for that moment. Maybe she was freaked out cause like, I looked at her right when she looked at me? Lol, she was actually kind of cute too

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    • hey! not cool twisting it like that

    • Lol

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  • So Homer gave him his own subway? lololol...

    She may have been thinking anything.