How do I change the way I act/look?

so I kinda worried because I've never been asked out or dated ever in my life. I know I'm pretty and have been told by my friends that I'm pretty (not that that's all that matters). I'm also very nice, I'll go out of my way just to make others happy and I'm very empathetic (mostly).

I'm convinced that it's the vibe I give off that's messing things up. I think that I might appear snobby just because of the way I carry myself and I tend to look upset (sad) when I'm not occupied.

I have no clue how to change these things since they just happen naturally for me. I also feel that it would look weird or fake to force a smile or something like that.

help me I don't know what to do


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  • It sounds like the kind of change you need is a matter of approachability. I'm not sure why you might appear unapproachable now. If you're internally distracted or deep in thought, people will leave you alone. I agree that trying to smile for the sake of smiling is not a good idea, but there are ways to become more approachable. For one thing, you should work on engaging with people in public if only remotely. Look them in the eye briefly. Acknowledge them with a thoughtful look if not a smile (you can smile too). Don't worry about trying to do this only to guys you might be interested in. Try to make a habit of doing it in general with girls and guys. They more you seem engaged with the people who are around you, the more approachable you will seem. It adds to likeability as well.

  • hmm, do you not have any thing good in your life?

    • what do you mean?

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    • nothing. that's my entire point. it's just how my face looks, I wanna know how I can change it so I can appear as friendly on the outside as I am on the inside

    • remember that song from kindergarten, if you're happy and you know it?

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