Do you think I blew up all my chances?

So my guy friends which is also a friend of the guy that I like finally introduce me to the guy that I like.

Well I kinda blew it up because I was so shy that I wanted to live but the friend kept pulling my arm cause I wanted to just run away. Then the friend called the guy that I like and he said "Ben this keyla and Keyla this is Ben ok TALK!!" and he said hi but I didn't really hear it and I said hi.. but he wasn't looking at me or well I think he wasn't looking at me( is it because his shy or what?) and it was just weird he didn't say anything so I said bye to them..i didn't know what to

So do you think he likes me or what do you think happen there..did I totally blew it off?


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  • Don't know if he likes you or not, but you did not blow your chances. Being shy and whatnot is normal when we are younger and is more cute than anything else. Of course, at some point the shyness has to step aside if you want to move forward, but early stumbles don't cost you any coolness points, dig.

    • So you think he doesn't like me that's why his not looking at me or shy to look at me because his not interested at all.

      I was planning on asking him out to Sadie Hawkins dance. Do you think that's ok?

    • Hard to know for sure, but I would assume it's more likely because he's shy. Find out if he has a date to the dance. If not, then why not ask him? The point of SH dances is to let the ladies choose w/out it being awkward to ask. (:

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