What do you want or look for in a bed?

I was thinking about what is practical and what I actually like for a bed. Then my mind kind of wandered to how there are so many different types, styles, and sizes. Then I thought this would be an interesting question to ask all of you to see how it varies.

(All links are just general ideas or visuals, they may not contain every available type/option. So feel free to add anything you know of that you want.)

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1) What size of bed do you have?

2) Out of all the available sizes, what would you prefer?


3) What kind of mattress do you have?

4) What kind of mattress would you prefer?


5) What kind of sheets do you have? Do you not care about the sheets?

6) What kind of sheets would you prefer?

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7) What type of bed do you have right now?

8) What type would you like to have?


9) What kind of pillow(s) do you have?

10) What kind of pillow(s) would you prefer?


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  • Size: double or queen.

    Mattress: latex, DEFINITELY.

    Sheets: flannel for cold nights and satin for warm nights, although I don't really care as long as they're comfortable.

    Right now I have a double size latex mattress on a slatted base and I don't want any other kind (maybe queen size). I use foam pillows but I've heard of one kind of pillow that's always cold. I would change my foam pillow by one of those (I'm constantly turning my pillow during the night, I like the cold feeling in the back of my head).

    • I can't believe I forgot pillows! LOL :o

      Thank you for your answer.

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    • I liked the latex bed I saw but it was over 4k for a queen.

    • It is worth it. I like my mattress firm but soft, and the only material I've seen that provides that sensation for years is latex. It's very durable and it will easily last more than 10 years. Other materials are either firm and hard or puffy and soft. Viscoelastic is pretty good too, but it looses its properties much faster than latex.

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  • Size: Queen - Queen or King is best

    Type: We have a pillow top - they can't be flipped, so I would avoid them the next time I purchase

    Sheets: Cotton - 600 thread count if possible -the higher the thread count the softer

    Type: I have a sleigh bed, and it's fine, but you can't exactly tie someone's hands up to the bed posts.

  • 1 King

    2 California king

    3 sleep number

    4 water bed

    5 I don't know their sheets, is there a difference?

    6 ?

    7 Sleep number King

    8 Water bed

    9 IDK

    10 ?

  • Once I get a place I'll probably either get a queen or a cal king if the master bedroom is big. I'll probably buy good thread count sheets from Costco. I like the satin or cotton sheets. Not sure what type of mattress I want yet. I have a futon.


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