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there is this girl I really like and I was friends with her for awhile. then I tried asking her out and screwd up. after that we slowly drifted apart and stoped talking to each other. now she looks at me and when I look at her she quikly turns away. sometimes our eyes meet and we quikly turn away. it seems like she likes me but those are the only signs she's showing. I want to start talking to her again but since we Haven't talked in a long time, I get nervous or feel awkward if I try. please can I get some help or tips.

please answer


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  • Definitely start talking to her! What have you got to lose?! Girls will look at guys because they are into them. I'm in these me situation with a guy and if he started to talk to me that would just make my day! Well good luck and just try to start talking to her what have you got to lose! Also I know personally, I like to cling on to things of the past, so if you used to talk heaps and don't so much anymore you've definitely got a chance to turn it all around (:


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