Would you care for looks or talents?

I was wondering if you were an excellent cook, singer, do it yourself type person but only had fair looks but dressed less appealing just because you were comfortable that way. Or would you go for the hair neat, manicured hands and pedicured feet and just loved to spend money. Who would you be interested in and why?


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  • Talents. This tells a lot about personality. It's just simple hard working, caring for yourself and such. Sure, it doesn't matter if you only want sex, right. But if it's about a relationship it's quite obvious you'd want some1 you can spend time having fun and not only have a girl 'for show'.

    Also, it's a nice gesture to SOMETIMES dress up nicely, just a little sacrifice (looks over comfort) for you and much higher appeal for everybody. (I mean simple dressing up, not all those rituals that take half a day for quite many women)


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