Why do I see most white guys w/average looking black women & not hot black women like people proclaim they be?

Now people say white men get with black women, the black women are hot; but I find that totally to be untrue, as much of the couples I have seen and white men or men in general are attracted too these days. It is nothing wrong with liking what you like, but I rarely see hot black women, with a white man. Now, some people may differ, but the women be average looking they either look like trannies or men in the faces with weaves or just all out weird. Like I said not all white men, but most I have seen like some weird black women and ain't lying. So why do people say white guys like hot black women, when really they just like average women in general? Remember I did said most not all white men, but most online and out in public that I have seen.


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  • Just like how people (especially black women and white men) love to say that black men only date white girls who are fat, ugly and are trash. I've seen white guys with really fat, ugly trashy black women too. Bottom line, EVERY race of men dates all types of girls and vice versa.

    • Thank you, I am glad somebody sees what I am talking about. There was this white guy at wholesfoods and my momma saw as well the white guy looking at this chubby really dark sista with long weave, she was dressed normal, but with weave. An he was just starring at that and my mom assume she must be cute, because he was looking but she really didn't see what the chick look like and she looked like just what you described; but I had to laugh; because its funny I see some odd attraction these days.

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    • An you right they do act like black men are the only ones date ugly chicks, when really a lot of men of all races do; including the white men.

    • An check out some of the YouTube links, that I had showed pickledtofu, that should blow her mind a bit. An there are more YouTube vids like this all over the net and most of the black women with the white men as couples are pretty much average just like that. But hey I guess that's what they love, so I guess whatever floats their boat lol.

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  • I have dated a VMA girl once and she was black. She worked a lot with events and such,

    I must also feel compelled to say that what you may perceive as "hot" "average", and "weird"

    others might feel the contrary."

    "Now people say white men get with black women, the black women are hot; but I find that totally to be untrue."

    It can't be completely untrue if you claim "most", meaning there are fair numbers that do.

    Again it seems to be only what you perceive.

    I have seen some neighboring forums discussing the converse.

    • Yeah true that, but making a general statement that they all get with hot black women like a 10; just like homegirl pickledxtofu down there, is really crazy. Because just like jmurk saw, I see whole lot of average even though people see these differently; but there is fine line between knowing what you are looking or lusting after what you are looking at. Some lust after crazy things, besides knowing what is good looking to what is not good looking lol. You know I am telling the truth with those

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    • Which roots back to my original statement.

      Here's a twist to that too. Attractive 10s as they are called are few and far in between.

      So by the law of averages one would not see that as regularly as your average.

    • That's what I mean fine line between knowing what you looking at and knowing difference between a fetish as well

  • Yeah same. It's really A matter of having so many sides to it.

    • True, I guess people like all kinds of crazy things and I do mean crazy things lol.

  • Isn't that a good thing if they like average women?

    • It can be to them, but not pretty black women like people talk about lol.

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    • date or even like American white men mostly. How can that be even more generalizing than that, so I think you shouldn't talk about how generalizing should work seriously doe. You shouldn't and yeah I am because, I am actually quoting with what you are saying, but yet you refused to believe your own quotes. Now how sad is that, I am quoting what you said in your own paragraphs; but yet saying you didn't say that, sir that is being bit delusional to the situation don't you think so?

    • What did you quote?

      Look, no one can say what each and every individual likes and doesn't like. Using "most" is a fair qualifier, especially in this instance. I'm not sure how you can deny what I've said. And you call me delusional. lol

      What are the facts then? You can't say that you like them or anything like that and be done with it. That would mean nothing.

      Can you honestly say with a straight face that a high percentage of black women are attracted to and are open to be with white guys?

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  • I've seen more white guys with hot black women than average

    If they're gonna go black, they're gonna go for a 7/8/9 or even 10.

    On my campus not many people date, but there are some couples. A few are black woman-white male and they tend to be nerdy couples, which is cute. They're all in the engineering side

    • Ok where do you live, because here and even online. I don't see that maybe average, but never a 10 lol.

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    • Proof? A few pics are proof? lmao alrighty

      whatever makes you feel better

    • Yeah and I practically what your hot maybe not everyone will agree with. So generalization is not a good comeback, when it comes to these matters lol, but go ahead post away lol

  • It's because contrary to popular belief white men aren't as superficial as they seem to sound. Sure some stereotypes are true like them being fond on skinny petite girls but whatever that's not the case for all of them preferences are preferences. I mean from personal experience I dated a white guy who did not care about my flaws at all. You know how they say white guys don't like big booties? LIES. My hips are 40 inches around and that boy did- not -complain- at all!

    Anyways the bottom line is a white guy is white sure, but he is just like any other man and could be the type of guy to not set standards for certain races. A woman is a woman no matter how average she could be in his eyes she is beautiful.

    • I think 100 percent true, because most I have seen don't get with the so called pretty black women like people say they do.

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    • Yeah, I mean it doesn't matter to me if you are black white Chinese or candy stripe...mmmm candy stripe, (hey we have preferences too lol). Attractive women will guess what? Attract me!

      Well for one thing there definitely seems a lot more to you than a pretty face... and no not the 40 inch hips ;)

  • Most people are average looking. The only time you will see a hot black woman with a white guy is if the white guy himself is hot. An average white guy ain't pulling no bad sista I'm sorry lol. People date on their level or the best they can get. Sanaa Lathan will not be dating a Seth Rogen lookalike. The hottest people tend to either date in their race, or they find another hot person of another race.

  • They leave the hot ones to black guys

    • So true, because most black men hold their women to a certain degree rather than white men or other races of men. Now my boyfriend is puerto rican they are pretty similar in a way.

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    • (black-black) that when you see otherwise it stands out more and maybe even appears more abundant.

    • Why that's funny my boyfriend is from NYC and he is puerto rican and he told me it is not as prominent for men to hit on random women up there, but I was there and I was getting hit on like I was some kind of celebrity from all types of men, and like I said I am a black creole southern belle. But my boyfriend said looked unique to them that's why, but I don't know about all of that now lol