How to tell if this has been routine or it if it might lead to something more?

Okay so I have a class with this guy and every time we see each other we have random bits of flirting going on. So for example one day we were all standing up and facing the back of the room to pray and we were both looking down and then when I looked up we made eye contact and he gave me this cute smile and so I smiled back at him and since that day we have been doing that same thing ... and today when I saw him in the halls that same thing happened... so my question is this ... do you think that for him this has become just an everyday thing or do you think it could be something more


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  • Well I think this is like a everyday thing. I do something like this with my female friends too. Its like a special thing between us. I am sure he likes you, but as a friend or crush I don't know.


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