Guys holding a girls gaze: do they have feelings for her or are they just looking?

Many girls on this site wonder what some of the signs of a guy who is attracted to you are, and many guys have "staring" as a part of their answer. But I was wondering, what is the difference between a guy accidentally locking their gaze with yours and a guy intentionally holding your gaze? How long would a guy look into a girl's eyes if he liked her (relatively speaking)?

The whole "staring" comment is a tad ambiguous to me so guys, would you mind clearing it up?


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  • It could be an accident. Or he could just like the look of you but have no intention of ever approaching you. Or he could be interested in you. There's no way to tell really.

    • Well there is this guy in a few of my classes who always seems to glance over at me while he has conversations with other people. And when he looks at me and I notice, he just continues to stare into my eyes. After approximately 5-10 seconds he will look at the person he is talking to, but his gaze always returns. Why would a guy do this?

    • Well, if it happens more than once, it's clearly not an accident. Either he likes the look of you, or he's actually interested in you.

    • Really? I would have never come to that conclusion. I am horrible at picking up on subtle behavioral queues.

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  • Staring can mean does indeed mean that he finds you attractive most of the time, that doesn't always mean he has feeling for you it can also mean that he just finds you pretty, wich is not a bad thing in any case I think.


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  • Here's the thing: attention doesn't mean feelings. It could just mean attraction i.e. he wants to get in your pants, or something like it (I'm not being sexist, just honest). I recently was "seeing" a guy and saw him staring at me a lot when we were alone and amongst our friends. I interpreted it as him having feelings for me, but nopeeee, he was just sexually attracted to me and didn't want anything more. It happens.

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