Is my boyfriend worrying I'll dump him if he bales?

My boyfriend and I were heading home the other night from our date when he mentioned in a passing comment that he was balding...I thought I heard wrong and said "wait, what?"

"Yeah, my mam said that it looks like I'm going bald here near the back..."

Now I looked and tbh, it could or not be him balding...he has a natural parting down the middle of his head so it could just be his parting showing some of his scalp like normal. He's young (20). I said I couldn't see it but he then said

"yeah, I can deal with it...but I don't think you could"


"Well I have all this hair now and I'll end up with a bald patch showing my scalp near the back...I'd have to shave it up really tight..."

We went on to discuss other things about it but I don't like the thought of him thinking I'm only with him for his hair or looks. He's the type to worry about my safety, my enjoyment etc...but never about looks before.

Do you think he's been worrying about me loving him less if he balds or worried I'll dump him because of it? :'(

*balds >.<

Fail on the title.


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  • This is such a sensitive subject for men. It's the make equivalent of "do these jeans make me look fat?", ya know?

    My advice: unless it's totally obvious that he's balding (and it sounds like its hard to tell based on your post), I'd say something like "baby. you're being silly. I looked and your totally NOT balding. And even if you did I think you'd be just as sexy and attractive, and I'd love you just as much."


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