Do you automatically look down when you see the object of your affection?

Hi, I have a question for all of you shy guys out there. I know a guy that I am pretty sure likes me. We flirt when we see each other, he always has a big grin on his face and laughs a lot. If he is not into me, I know he at least likes me as a friend.

Here is my question. The other day I ran into him in a completely random place. I saw him look at my car and then tun his head and look down and keep walking as though he hadn't seen me. I then said his name and he acted like he couldn't hear me until I said it one more time. Then he turned around and acted nice as usual. This puzzled me. He is usually sooo friendly. So my thought was that he was flustered seeing me out of context? Because if he wasn't into me wouldn't he have just said hi?

What do you think. Do you automatically look down when you see the object of your affection and it surprises you?


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  • He lacks confidence around you. Seeing you out of context took him by surprise and he wasn't prepared to interact with you right then. Looking down (or away) is normal for a shy person, especially when taken by surprise. After he composed himself mentally, he was normal again, right?

    He likes you and worries about making a bad impression on you. He's shy with you because he does like you. Think about it. If we are around someone we aren't attracted to we have no reason to be nervous.

    • Thanks for your answer! This was what my intuition was telling me, but its always nice to hear it from a male perspective!

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