The "nerd" look and girls

I went to a strip club for the first time in a long time tonight and one of the girls that gave me a private dance asked me what I like to do for fun. I obviously couldn't stay "go to strip club since I hadn't been to one in a long time" but when I couldn't come up with a straight answer to give without sounding like a dweeb, she said "can I take a guess". I said, "sure" and she goes "you're a video gamer". I said yeah, it's the "nerdy look" thing I got going. She said it was the "shirt I was wearing". I wore a graphic tee because I didn't even think we would be going there tonight, it was a spur of the moment thing, otherwise I probably would have dressed up a little more. I have a couple questions based on this.

1. Why is wearing a graphic tee, a sign of being a video game nerd?

2. The obvious question of course is, do you think she cared that I am sort of a nerd.

3. I told her that I do on occasion go out, but that I'm currently unemployed so I have to stay in most of the time. Does this make me boring to her. (please, no shots at me being unemployed, I'm trying to get a job, I swear)?

4. She works at a bar as well, as a hostess, near me, but I hardly ever go to that place. I want to go but I feel weird going somewhere, knowing I've already seen them naked. How do I make it so it's not awkward?

Should also mention that while her dance was free (because it was a club promotion they were doing), I felt bad, because she's a stripper and I'm a guy so I gave her whatever I had on me (which happened to be $11). When I did this, she kissed me on the cheek. I understand she could have just said thank you and I would have been fine with that, but why did she go as far as to kiss me on the cheek?


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  • First off, women pick up subtle details, its second nature. Your clothes can give insight about, for example, what you want others to notice about you. Second, she's a stripper and can gauge you're wallet based on the company you keep, how you smell and the way you dress. The conversation is her job. She's going to seduce you no matter what you like. She doesn't care if you have seen her naked. You gave her your money for taking off clothes, part of the job.Obviously she's fine with that. She doesn't care what you do and she thought it was cute that you gave her all you had, hence the kiss. But once you are out of money they give you the cold shoulder lol


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  • Women in general think the geek look or the nerdy look is cute on some guys and feel more affectionate to them when the do something nice for them, that's why she may of giving you the kiss, and she knew you were unemployed and that you still gave her something for a free lap dance was a nice gesture and she's grateful nothing more.

    As for wearing a graphic tee is a sign of a video game nerd? Well it depends on the graphic tee if it's a big 8-bit Mario or 8-bit mushroom that label by others will be obvious. If it has some other type of graphic you may be labeled as another type of nerd or geek, people are like that.

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