Should I look? Or should I not?

Hey there!

On Friday I was messaging with this guy after 4 months no contact (we've been seeing each other for 6 months, then he flaked on two occasions, then I went no contact) on POF. He was joking about how different I look on pics, blah blah, then I replied 12 hours later some silly comment, and then I logged off and haven't check whether he replied or not.

Thing is my heart starts to race really fast when I think about him, and I'd be really hurt if he hasn't replied to my silly comment. It will be like he's rejecting me again, and I couldn't tolerate that again...What should I do? Should I forget about him? Should I log in and look? what? what? help!

Another thing: I think he is a PUA...

Update, I just signed in, he replied.


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  • If you have his phone number call him and say you want to see him again this week.


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  • i think you shouldn't jump the gun, try to calm down and once you find yourself falling head over heels for him ask yourself "what has he done to make me like him this much'" that will help you keep things in check

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