Girls, question about guys hands?

I've heard several times that girls like to look at men's hands. But how do you like them? (Besides big) Should they be long, slim, red at the top, etc?

How do you think pale skin looks on men? (Given that it's clear and smooth)

ps: I don't have pale skin, so just be honest! :)



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  • I like them to be clean. Dirty, long fingernails are the worst. So that's pretty much the only think I look for when I look at guys hands.

    And I'm extremely pale myself, so I'm in no position to discriminate against pale guys.


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  • Girls like to look at guys hands because there is a saying that goes "The bigger the hands the bigger the d***", so when girls look at your hands they're estimating how big your d*** is. I am not sure if this is true, but a lot of people have been saying this.

    • It's more like the difference in length between the ring finger and index finger.Look for a longer ring finger,maybe 1/2"

      Women have those 2 fingers the same length,or index finger longer.

      My hands aren't big,so what you've heard is not always true.

  • I prefer a man who looks like he has done some work with his hands. It is attractive and appealing to my senses. A working man.


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