Why would he look from the corner of his eye?

Friday my biology class was cancelled. As I was waiting for my ride the guy in my math class was walking down the stairs and we caught eyes and stayed looking at each other until he turned from the bottom of the stairs. Monday in math class I got all my things ready and I was sitting down for class to start and he walks in then sits down. He looks to his side then to the back straight at me and it lasted for like 2-3 secs then he looked forward. When the professor was going over the math that guy kept turning his head side ways but his eyes would try to look at me and this happened like twice during class.

Is he trying to see if I'm looking at him or what? because he wasn't as sneaky as he thought he was being?


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  • He didn't know girls can see more to the outside than guys. Anyway he sounds weird maybe Hyper-vigilant , Psycho maybe ... beware


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