Need opinions on shoes

Ladies of gag... hi.. I am a woman lol just on my husbands account asking this question.

we have a wedding to go to in a couple weeks and I was thinking of buying some new shoes.

also the ones I'm thinking of buying I know my husband thinks they would look really hot on me.

theyre some high heel black platform pumps.

just wondering if they look good, if other girls have them or if they look trashy at all?

i love these shoes and think they look really sexy but I've seen girls in p*rn movies wearing them (usually in nurse secretary etc type scenes).

so I was just wondering what the opinions are from the ladies of GAG

also the guys can add in their opinions as to whether they think theyre hot or trashy.

thanks for the help!

heres a link link

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any girls already own a pair of these? do you like them? how are they to walk in/comfortability?


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  • why would htye be trashy, they are basic black heels so just buy them and pair them up with something really nice


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  • They don't seem trashy to me but they do look uncomfortable to walk in. But if you're used to wearing such high heels then why not go for it.

  • Definitely sexy.

    • Sorry, I don't own a pair, but I knew a few girls who would wear them. And, they would put gel inserts in, and it would be fine. I think your ankle would start to hurt after a while, though (so bring a comfy pair of shoes if you can, like flats or something), and not to mention, it's a little dangerous to have your foot in that position for too long.

  • Are these shoes sexy?


What Guys Said 2

  • As one who appreciates the sexiness of women's feet and legs, as well as how good the shoe/sandal matches the outfit...

    Being you want them anyway, buy them just because they will fulfill the desire to sport them around when the occasion arises...

    As for the wedding... depends... Will it compliment your outfit...?

    Are you use to walking in something like this for any length of time..? ..For sure bring back up shoes for the reception...

    Yes, they WILL look sexy...! ...It would catch my attention...!

    Trashy...? Maybe... ...if you are the only one wearing something that extreme at this particular wedding... ...though sometimes I find myself drawn toward trashy... ;)

    Also to consider... ..your height.. ..If you are 5'8" or taller already.. ,you may look too tall in comparison to your husband... ...but if you are 5'5" or shorter, this would be quite a positive boost..

  • I think women have an odd idea of what's sexy sometimes...