There is this guy in my class, HELP?

There is this guy that's in my Anatomy and Physicology class that I've noticed since the first day of school and this is about the third week of shcool. Our class is a pre-college course so there are a lot of Seniors and about 6 Juniors, we got assigned seats by alphabetical last name in groups of 4 and he's in my group, we are 2 of the juniors in that group out of the 6 total in the class. Everybody knows how hectic and hyped up it is on the first day of school so I remember after we got our seats I was looking at everyone just to see who was in my group then I saw his face and I was like WOAH he's in this class becuase I've noticed him during past years and always thought he was cute but I didn't pay attention to him due to the fact that I rarely saw him because our school is a castle and I was head over heels for someone else since I was a freshman. I don't know why but for some reason I started liking him and I guess it's because we are in a group and its easy to see things about each other, for instance he likes my art and I like how he's not loud or crazy like all the other boys. I'm 99.9% sure he likes me too because I see what he does, every time I walk in the class he watches me walk to my spot (eventhough its right where he sits) and I'm always talking notes but I constantly glance at him and what scares the crap outta me is sometimes when I look up at him he's looking right at me and I look away fast cause I can't do eye contact, also he's the only boy in our group and I"m the only one he doesn't talk to and that's OK cause I guess he's nervous. However, I'm super scared to talk to him and it's hard cause we are in a group and we do a lot of group work, I keep letting him distract me and I can't let that happen cause we are in a pre college course and I can't fail. Anyway from the looks of it do you think he likes me? And if so what could I do to talk to him cause I'm tired of looking stupid.


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  • He likes you probably. Anyway talk to him about your groups assignments or group work. You are lucky you and him are in the same class. My crush and I are in different courses, so it is hard for both of us to meet. So don't let this opportunity slip away. Good Luck


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