What do you think of George Zimmerman's lawsuit against NBC?

George Zimmerman is suing NBC for defamation of character because of the way in which the recording of the 911 call was edited in an attempt to portray Zimmerman as a racist. Here is what NBC played versus what was actually said on the 911 call:

Here is what NBC edited:

Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

But the full tape went like this:

Zimmerman: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.”

911 Police Dispatcher: “OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?”

Zimmerman: “He looks black.”

Why do you think the mainstream media does this sort of thing? Why was NBC intent on convicting Zimmerman in the public eye?

I must admit I'm pretty shocked at how some of the commenters here seem totally OK with what NBC did here. We should be outraged about it regardless of our political views.


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  • I hope he wins

    I also hope he disappears from the media cause he deserves no more attention

    And hopefully blacks will get over their ghetto "baby" Trayvon

    Lesbehonest, with a name like Trayvon homeboy wasn't destined to become an attorney or surgeon.

    I just hate that it was made into a race issue and the liberal media fed into it...

    Zimmerman needs to sit his pillsbury doughboy behind down

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    • lol

      here come the downvotes...

    • Yes, being given a name justifies his actions.

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  • NBC is a liar. I was watching this orthodox jewish rabbi on YouTube and he was a very mild manner,ed inspired, compassionate, merciful, open minded, liberal and positive person but then they took a sarcastic comment that he made which was his humorous attempt at showing the fallacies of blind allegiance to religion and used that to prove to everybody that he was supporting and condoning terrorism. They made an innocent man out to be a murderer and it's not the first time they slandered somebody who was good though I don't remember the other incident. NBC deserves to die out. The rabbi did not sue because he was too busy taking care of his synagogue and had more important things to worry about but if they attack a worldly person like Zimmerman there will be consequences.

    • They do it all the time. They control the message by selectively showing or not showing content, by choosing what they say, who they interview, what angles they film. They manipulate public opinion every day. Most people are too clueless to realize how they are being manipulated. Americans are a bunch of sheep.

  • First, there is no such thing as the "liberal" media. If there were then they would be calling out Republicans on things like supporting money for firearms in schools while cutting school lunches for poor kids.

    Second, Zimmerman is a racist , wife-beating a$$hole who had his 15 minutes of fame at the expense of a young man's life and like many people, he doesn't know when to let go.

    Third, television news is not about news, it is about ratings. If it were only about news, then FOX News would not exist because it is nothing more than a mouthpiece for right-wing talking points.

    There is very little news in news anymore.

    • No such thing as the "liberal" media, eh? Care to share some of what you're smoking? It's people like you who allow this sh*t to continue. You're delusional.

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    • @QA Because people get emotional. They get angry. They're used to listening to information that supports their opinions. And they don't want to be wrong. Not many people earnestly listen to all sides. If you were to change their opinion, they would have to reevaluate part of their basis of thought which requires them to start over on many daily routine axioms. Most people would rather go through life living predominantly by their emotions.

    • +1 cavmanier

  • I hope he wins.l It's not just him and NBC though, mainstream media does things like that all the time, it's a much bigger problem than just this. Him winning that case would be encourging to people who were portrayed very wrongly in media by methods like that (and who have also not shot anyone)

    From what I know what they did is noy illehal though, so I'm not sure he stands a chance, because as mentioned before he's not the first one

  • wow that's a jerk thing for NBC to do, painting him as a racist will have put a huge target on his back and theyd be putting his life in danger so I'm not surprised he wants to punish them for lying

    • Right, and the fact is that NBC does this sort of thing on a regular basis. We just don't hear about it in the mainstream media. Care to guess why that is?

  • I hate watching the news because it makes me sad and a lot of times I do wonder if I am getting the complete, unbiased, truth. But people like a story, so anything they can do to get the viewers, even if it is wrong, they might want to do.

    I don't know why he needs to sue though. I doubt it'll change opinions about him. People who don't like him/still think he's racist are still going to believe what they want, as are others.

    • The point is that they TRIED to change people's opinion of him. They tried to make him a racist in the public eye. They tried to convict him before he even had a trial. How can you not be outraged about that?

  • I'm sick and tired of hearing about this fatass .

    • I agree, but I'm equally sick and tired of a "news" outlet who regularly misleads the public. This is a perfect example of the subtle ways in which they exert control over outcomes. They do it with elections every 4 years. People are just too ignorant to recognize it.

  • He's got no job. He needs money. Why not take advantage of NBC?

    • Take advantage of them? LOL. Pull your head out.

  • Did you hear about that black woman that got 40 years in for firing a warning shot even though she stood her ground? Although people keep bringing up this fat Zimmerman guy? I swear people from Florida are stupid as hell.

    Anywho, I guarantee you don't care about that poor black woman because you like stuff that feeds your silly negative agenda of black people.

    • Thanks for your racist remarks. You're wrong, though. I do care. Post a link to the story, please.

      What this question is about, however, is a major news outlet trying to convict someone in the public's eye before the trial even begins. Do you have anything to say about that or do your just want to stick to your racist BS?

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    • Your mom

    • My mom?

  • The mainstream media does whatever the bill payer's tell them to do, THAT'S why they did. They just did whatever the people giving them money wanted them to do, or WOULD want them to do.

    That being said... I can't believe we're all STILL talking about Zimmerman, haha! Is our society really THAT bored?

    • This lawsuit has been in the works since NBC committed the crime but was not allowed to go forward until after the Zimmerman / Martin case was settled. This suit needs to be brought and NBC needs to be severely penalized. They mislead the public on a regular basis and many / most people are just unaware.

  • He should just sit down and disappear. The trial is over and he's just bringing more attention to himself.

    • This happened a long time ago but he was unable to sue until after the Martin case was settled. The media should NOT be allowed to get away with this. They do this sh*t all the time.

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    • Your dad is 12

    • So your IQ is 12 then...

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  • Because the liberal story goes that America is racist and black people are discriminated against. Therefore we need to keep social programs in tact to make things "fair". So they create a narrative that fits that agenda. They do this all the time whenever there is gun violence, potential racism and anything that can bolster their power.

    • Bingo! Another candidate for BA.

    • White people like you* (I assume you're white. I'll be stereotypical, too) need to stfu and join the club. If you take the media for what it is, you're slow. They want VIEWERS AND MONEY. It doesn't matter who gets the sh.tty end.

      You= people like you. Not ALL white people.

    • Yeah, I don't think I'll be taking your advice. But thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  • He probably has a good case. Is not that shocking they would edit information for ratings.

    • I don't think things like this are done in an effort to influence ratings. It's more a matter of trying to influence public opinion.

  • That punk needs to get on with his life and be happy he got away with murder. And quit beating women and pulling guns on people.

    • Wow...I guess you see what you want to see, eh?

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    • he did get away with murder. If he didn't use a gun (pulled a knife out for example, beat the kid to death, strangled him, etc. etc.) it would not get muddied up as a gun rights/gun control issue.

    • Isnt it ironic? The question asker is talking about "people seeing racism in everything." Take a look at his best answer.

      The picture is clear, my friend.

  • It makes them money, so they'll do it.

  • He should definitely win this

    • 7 downvotes? You people are f***ing morons. They have no right to twist his words OR make his private life so public

    • maiez - you're 100% correct about NBC and these f***ing morons here.

  • Most of the major media outlets are guilty of being biased in handling that case. When it first happened, they showed pictures of a younger, in shape Zimmerman, and pictures of a younger, still in puberty Martin, trying to make it look like some big bully was messing with a young kid. Back in reality, Martin was nearly as big as Zimmerman.

  • Ha! QA why don't you just tell us what you wanna hear. Looking at (BA)Best Answer you selected and your comments, seems you just wanna stir the pot. I get it, everyone hates trials held in the court public opinion or the media. NBC is wrong and well pretty much everyone involved here is to.

    My opinion? he's gonna turn into the next OJ Simpson. Everyone that defended him is gonna regret it in the end. He'll be in jail sooner or later, the guy is a walking bad decision. The media ran hard with the race issue when it should've been a Florida gun/castle doctrine issue.

    They might not be racists, But sure are a bunch of a**holes that love to defend the guys actions.


    "...Lesbehonest, with a name like Trayvon homeboy wasn't destined to become an attorney or surgeon.

    I just hate that it was made into a race issue and the liberal media fed into it."

    Wonder what other names predetermine your guilt/worth? Hope BA's daughter marries a black dude named Trayvon...Thanksgiving should be a 'hoot for her.

    • Fbass80t, it's funny how you've twisted things I've said

      I'd probably encourage her to stay away from blacks in general though :)

    • Fbass80ta, you talked about everything but the question asked here. You going to address it or just spew your racist BS?

    • I loveeee your answer! Nail on the head!

      Have you heard of his alleged new threats with guns?

      Wait, are you psychic?

  • I think it should be an easy win. It's unfortunate that none of the major American news networks seem to have journalistic integrity.

    As to why they did that, I'm not sure. To get more eyeballs on the screen for advertising money? I don't get why certain stories are so big and others you barely, if ever, hear about it. Even if they really wanted a race baiting story, there are probably more legitimate things that could have gone with.

    • Huh? The Zimmerman / Martin case was about the biggest race baiting story in the last decade.

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    • Yes, the uninformed...

    • I sense a bit of sarcasm there, yes? I fear you aren't fully grasping my stance, but what can you do?

  • I hope he cleans up. I'm on a smartphone so I'm going to let somebody else do the rant on NBC and the mainstream media.

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