Why would he keep looking at me?

Friday my biology class was cancelled and I was waiting inside for my ride and the guy from my math class was walking down the stairs, we caught eyes and stayed looking at each other until he turned at the bottom of the stairs.

Well on Monday in math class I was waiting for class to start and that guy walks in then sits down. He turns his head to the side then to the back straight at me and stayed looking at me and it lasted for like 2-3 secs then he looked forward. During class he kept turning his head side ways but I could tell his eyes were trying to look at me..it only happened twice Monday

Then yesterday he didn't show up to class and this guy sat in his spot but when we got let out I was walking down the stairs to go to the first floor and when I looked up when I was already on the first floor I saw him sitting down looking right at me and I got nervous and looked at my phone and walked out fast.

Is he trying to see if I'm looking at him or what's his deal?


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  • He is most likely interested in you from how you describe his behavior and just trying to see if you share mutual interest (a smile or small gesture) that would be my guess.

    • I was thinking of smiling at him but he just always looks so serious and I don't want to smile and he doesn't lol

  • He wonders what color underwear you got on.


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