What are signs that a guy I never met likes me?

This guy is always looking at me. He don't hide it, but made eye contact twice that lasted more than a couple of secs and he would glance at me a couple of more times although he didn't know I caught him. The last time I saw him he was looking at me and I got nervous and looked away fast.

I think he is really cute but does this guy likes me or no?

also he never shows an expression when he looks at me he just stares


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  • I challenge you to make eye contact with him and keep your stare for as long as possible.

    • That's a hard challenge lol

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    • He looks maybe like 21 or 22. And I feel like I got rejected when he didn't smile. I'm also thinking who is that girl who was with him. I saw him when I walked in but when we caught eyes I looked away fast and after that my friend said he was red from the face and he was looking towards the door where we came in but he wasn't looking at us just towards our way after I saw him

    • Then when she finished paying I saw them walking out and she said something and they were smiling. My friend said it looked like she pointed back but I don't know if I should go on her word because she could of just thought she saw that. I don't want to look at him Monday I feel embarrassed

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  • Those could be signs, but they could be coincidences too. If you like him either introduce yourself or come up with some reason (any reason) to talk to him.

  • Maybe he finds you attractive or you were doing something that caught his attention. I agree with the others though, that you should find a way to talk to him or even a bit of a staring contest lol.

    • Lol I did look at him but it's hard because this guy isn't shy with eye contact, he just don't smile. I don't know if that means he is attracted to me or I am just getting my hopes up and he don't even like me because well me, I am attracted to him lol

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