Is every girl like this? I'm not sure what to think of myself...

when I guy walks pass, id glance to see who it is.

when a cute guy passes, id glance and think he's cute.

when a man in uniform passes, I still glance and go back to what I was doing.

if any guy, even if he's cute, stand over me or in front of me, id glance and give a wtf look cause comon why stand over someone when there is all that empty space. its so freaking stupid and annoying.

sometimes I wonder if I'm into guys cause I rarely check out guys. or if I'm just that into my boyfriend. but I normally don't check him out either. yea I look at him more than others; but I can't tell if he lost weight or got built or shaved or anything unless its a really really big change and I Haven't seen you in like a year lol


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  • I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you like staring at cute women? Do you find them attractive?

    I doubt every girl is like this.

    • well there's definitely more to look at for girls. but I think its perfectly normal to check out girls like that :|

  • That's because you are boring and don't have any complex emotions. Or you do have that side, which is why you brought it up!


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