What's More Attractive on a Woman?

With the obvious exception of boobs and ass, what do guys find makes them go ga-ga most often; A sexy smile or alluring eyes?

What do you gentlemen notice first? Try to refrain from saying "Both." Pick one, if you can!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Pouty puppy dog look especially girls with dark brown eyes. I always love that.


What Girls Said 1

  • and I'm meant to be insecure? lol

    • You're just searching for incrimination now, aren't you?

      It was a simple question. In it, I never asked anyone if my own eyes were too big or smile too small. I was asking guys what they prefered in the entire female population. Not just me.

      I already know both mine are great. :)

      You have your attention now. Take it and go, dear..

    • Sorry but asking if men prefer shaved women does relate to you as a person. I asked what people thought about all girls that are 5'5? not much of a difference really.

    • Yes. You asked and now you know what I think.

      What's the problem?