Should I keep my mustache, facial hair or shave it..when do I look better?

Girls please suggest me a make-over.Please suggest if I should shave my mustache and french beard or keep it When do I look good? I have uploaded my latest photo's in my profile, I required I will upload more of my pic's...

Additional Details:

hi... girls I am from chennai, southern part of India.. I asked you girls to suggest me a make over...i mean "do I have to have a mustache or a goatee, does mush suit me and what hair style suits me... short army kinda Buzz cut or long hair..?" and so I just tried to make some changes and I have uploaded some of my latest photo's.. so.. check it and rate me, suggest me and gimme your comments..on the above queries

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Most Helpful Girl

  • shave it off, looks best based on your pictures

    • Thanks...a lot...i have shaven it completely.... as per yur suggestion....what hair style should I follow..that suits me..

    • Keep it clean cut, not long and dangly.

    • Could you brief on clean.. cut because there are lots of wide variations in it.. and styles like army/ military cut or buzz cut or crew cut or mini mohawk.. etc,... ?? will suit me..? or anything different other than these, is what you intended...?

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What Girls Said 1

  • first off, why do you keep asking about your mustache?

    anyways, my personal preference is a guy who's clean shaven. I'm into the mini mohawk style (faux haut style). I personally don't like goatees or any facial hair on a guy, perhaps a tad bit of stubble and that is about it.

    i dont' usually rate people on this site, just because that's not me. I think you look ok, and you should try to read the answers to the last questions in regards to the mustache. it's your face, you do what you want with it. regardless, because it's only my personal preference that I have suggested. I think you should do what you're comfortable with doing.

    • SURE...!! gotta see that you did suggest me to shave my mustache and face completely, which will suit me... is what you have told if m not wrong...!!!!!!!

What Guys Said 1

  • Your 2nd picture from the left looks the best with the hair out a bit more curly and the beard. It gives you a more masculine look. The other pictures kinda of remind me of someone who's naive and bit of a push over.

    I think if you worked out a bit more and built up a bit of body mass, you'd be in good shape.

    Good luck *bro fist.