Will he see how much I like him or just be done with me?

last night a guy I'm seeing told me he was in bed so we said night early. Get a call from one of my girls at midnight saying look at Facebook. There's a pic with him tagged in it at the bar kissing a girl. The guy looked a lot like him from the side. So I got really upset because said he wouldn't see anyone else while seeing me or kiss others he's old fashioned. I just defriended him on fb and went back to bed. Woke up in the morning and realized he was tagged in the pic but it wasn't him. I texed him said said good morning and sorry I was really tired and left it at that. he just said ohhh. I just refriend requested him now that I'm home. I know I screwed up but how much?


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  • That depends on a few factors. How long together? Do you have issues with trust or insecure? This seems minimal compared to other issues you could be having. Give him the truth, knowing you put the cards on the table is the only way for everyone to get over it and work through it. Also, if you think you'll continually have these problems maybe look deeper for the root of the problem. Good luck!

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