I don't want to be that guy!

Hi everyone, I'm a 31 year old guy and I've got a bit a receding hairline. I've got most of my hair I'm just missing a bit on each side of my temples. (Think Jude law) I'm cool with losing it and not in denial or growing it to try and comb it over! I wear it short and use matt clay to give it a bit of texture.

I'm not a model but I'm young looking I've been told I'm handsome, and I keep myself fit at the gym and kickboxing. But I know a receding hairline ages people.

The thing is I do like to follow the trends of fashion and I'm worried I'm going to look like that old guy that's trying to look young.

By trends I don't mean the avant garde type of fashion I mean I like to wear

skinny jeans fitted polo shirts, brogues Chelsea boots etc but I'm wondering if I should dress older as a result of my hairline?


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  • Not at all your still young, you don't have to dress 50 because you have a receding hair line!

    PS I think receding hairlines are kind of hot lol (im into older men)...

    • Flattery will get you everywhere! Thanks for your comment you made my day!

    • You're so welcome:) have a great day!

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  • No, stick with what you like wearing. 31 isn't bad. My guy is 24 and nearly bald. He wouldn't let me see him without a baseball hat on for the first month!

    My point, its nothing bad, and most sincere honest girls know that a lot of guys get a receding hairline.

    • Aw 24s young! Your dead right a receding hairline comes with the boyfriend!

    • Yep, and I could care less, he's the most amazing guy ever. Plus, I have a great time throwing his hats across the room, I think he's finally caught on that I don't care that he doesn't have much hair left for me to run my fingers through ;)

  • If you look like Jude Law I would like to see your photo. Jude Law is the HOTTEST GUY

    Yummy Jude Law



    YAY! Jude LAW!

    • wow! thanks for sharing the links lol!

    • Haha sorry I meant my hairlines like his! I wish I did look like him then it wouldn't matter what I wore ha!

    • very few guys can pull off the bald thing well, it is like an anomaly sort of like sexy fat women are rare...sexy bald guys are rare.

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  • Look at the positives. You are 'eligible' to older women now, for one.

    I'm Inthe same situation, and people think that when you're fit, a receding hairline doesn't make you look older, and you can dress 'young' without looking silly or fake.

  • Hell no; be yourself man.