Did I make him feel uncomfortable? Does he like me?

I caught his friend looked at me sometimes. Maybe his friend told him that I was acting mad, so the next Sunday came, he would go to church. He was back and acted so happy. When I looked at him, he looked up and down, but because we're from far away and his eyes are small I could not tell if he looked at me or not. After Mass, he walked back in the room with a sad face like a kid. Then next Sundays, I felt like his behavior changed because back then he always showed weird behaviors (sad, angry, or even happy and smile to himself). He acted normal now. Today, I did not look back because I was not sure if he'd be here or not. He walked up with a sad face. In the middle, I looked at him, probably he looked at me, too. He looked down and smiled. When my mom was kind of lean to my side, he was back to being normal. He did not serve, but at the end he sat down and looked at where I sat. I looked at him and saw, but then I was not sure if he looked at me or not. At the end, he walked in and was sad. A sad face from him I could totally saw it. I feel like we're giving signs and liking each other, but he still has not made a move.

Back then, there were many confused things between us, but I focus more right now.


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  • Just ask him what's up