Help change my style?

Ok, so I want to change my style, but I'm really terrible with fashion stuff so I need some help.

Right now I pretty much just wear some colorful or music related graphic t-shirt and jeans everyday. My style right now looks kind of skater-ish I guess. I still want my style to fit my personality, but I want it to be a little more feminine. I wish I could describe it better. I like that my style right now kind of fits the skater/band stereotype, but I don't feel like it's really flattering to just wear t-shirts all the time.

So do you guys have any ideas or tips? What are some good stores, and what do you think would look good?


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  • I think that you should pick up some magazines to get an idea of what style that you'd like to go for. They magazines will usually tell you what stores the clothes are from.

  • pick a model. ie; mine is Blair from Gossip Girl; link

    i try to emulate her style by buying similar clothing and dressing like that/doing my hair like that. it works pretty well.

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