What more do I need to do, not even look at her?

There was this girl I liked and thought she felt the same but was not sure because she played a lot of games.

So I asked her straight up if she liked me. Well I learned to never do that again. She denied it and got really nervous but I did learn she had a boyfriend.

Nonetheless, I decided to leave her alone. Why chase a girl who is not interested I thought, esp since there is more girls out there.

However, after this incident occurred. She went on to brag about her boyfriend, how great he is and good looking. Every time even to this day she proceeds to engage in this talk when we are around a group of mutual friends.

Now, whenever I happen to glance at her non intentionally, she quickly looks away and down at the ground in front of her.

Yesterday, she saw me and walked so fast to get by me, I did not even notice her until she bolted by me. It was like when a person is scared of bug or something, it was strange. Sometimes she even seems angry when she see's me.

I get she don't like me and I'm fine with that. What more do I need to do with this situation? We don't talk, I'm not stalking her, I barely look at her.

I don't get it!


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  • Wow, dude. She does like you and you through her off when you asked her. Which is why she constantly mentions her boyfriend, she is trying to cover her tracks. And she is pissed at herself for liking you when she has a boyfriend and also because she wishes things were simpler and you would make a move. Don't make a move, don't be that guy. This is something she has to figure out herself.

    • Nah, I'm certain she don't like me, her actions prove it. I just don't get why this girl has to prove she hates my guts.

    • If you are certain then somehow you two need to reach an agreement to stay out of each others way. Or you could just get a girlfriend.

    • Now I'm even more confused.

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  • Yes just avoid her, be the bigger person.

  • Sounds like you dodged a bullet LOL. Yea stay as far away as possible and never look in her general direction again.


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  • She likes you, that's why she's so nervous around you. It's all a front. She probably just wants to avoid you because she's afraid you two might act on it. You might as well just avoid her.

  • " She not only denied it but got really nervous"

    From what I've read here this is what shy girls do if they are asked by the guy if they like him or not; if they deny it and get really nervous then that - apparently - is a sure sign that she likes you (if she's shy)

    Total opposite to me, as I'm a shy guy, and if I were asked by the girl I would totally try to change the subject ...I mean, why the eff deny it!?

    And clearly somethings very wrong in her relationship, or her feelings towards her boyfriend is down in the gutter.

    I agree with AdamThomas, better to avoid her completely