Guy acts hot and cold, why is that?

He looks at me when I'm not looking, looks at my eyes a lot and is always watching me. Likes to get close, smiles at me and sometimes seems interested in the same things as I do. Anyway, he makes it clear that he's attracted to me. But the problem is that he acts this way for a period of time, and then stops, and treat me like nothing happened.

Why does he do that to me?



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  • because you're being unclear about yourself.

    Give him a clear signal back would be my tip, seems he's stuck in that position where he doesn't know if you welcome his advances or not and feels like he should move on, and then changes his mind thinking he may miss out on someone he really likes and restarts, only to once again not receive any response and decides to move on again.

    So give him some clear signals whether you accept or reject.

    • That's true. Maybe its that. I think its more easy to show my interest on internet, because I'm kinda shy and stuff, but I do not have him on Facebook yet.

      What can I do to make him add me?

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    • haha it can be that!

      Thanks for helping me. :)

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