Girls, do you think a guy is "perfect" because he treats you well the very first time you meet?

I met a girl last night. I tried treating her the best I could (with what I know, and to the best of my ability). She loved it. She thinks I was a little too polite but she didn't care because she said that I showed her something she hadn't seen in a while. Class.

However, maybe it was just because she was hot or whatever but I'm still human. Humans make mistakes and she knows this. But I get the feeling she still is trying to paint me as some "mr. perfect", when not only do I not want to be labeled as that but I just don't want her getting her hopes up. I asked her if she thinks I think she's perfect. She looked about as perfect as you could get but she told me that for example she was born with something that would have killed her, if she didn't have it removed right away. So, like I said, I don't think she's perfect (at least in terms of looks), I can't really judge her personality yet because I don't know all that much about her.

So yeah, girls, do you ever think a guy is "perfect" just because he treat you well right as you first meet (this is most likely assuming you're "hot")


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  • Nobody is perfect in my eyes.

    Everyone has a flaw, just some take a while to be visible while others show up right away.

    However, I do think of a man that treats me right as a "gentleman".

    Of course, I know that the point of treating someone great when you are dating is because

    you want to impress them.

    You want the girl, so of course you aren't going to act like a total jerk.

    I expect to see more of the real person months into the dating process, so It would

    be no surprise if bad habits or a few things I did not like, "showed up".

    Of course, those things were always there its just that now you are more comfortable with me

    and I am able to see those things.

    If the person treated me with respect during our first dates I would expect that during our

    relationship if we ever establish one. I just would expect, more personality traits to unravel that

    weren't prevalent upon first dating this person.

  • Girls, do you think a guy is "perfect" because he treat you well the very first time you met?

    No since most likely he treated me very well for his one benefit probably thinking it would increase his chances of busting a nut in/on me as well as in my opinion perfect could never ever be suitable to describe a hetero male.


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