How diverse is your neighborhood and what style of housing do you live in?

I live in very fancy and stylish condo and cheek it out here link its the nicest looking place in the state

link this map shows are diversity wear black people and mix people are the majority and that's good.

also are neighborhood is in are city had a very bloody history unlike any other place in city and no its not Detroit ha ha we are living in projects out side of Detroit link

link OK so we wear living on some jacked up Ghetto faulty construction lol but who isn't

I heard building creak and it can fall over anytime :)

so who has heard of the notorious Pontiac heights housing?

by the way my grandmother was head of construction management when the building of the faulty construction happened opps lol

tell about your dysfunctional neighborhood and about people in it?

how diverse is your neighborhood and what style of housing do you live in?


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  • I live in a gated community on the far north side of the city where I live. Everyone in the community is white, we are literally the only black family that lives there and I hate it.

    • oh wow we black some whites and some asia's and very handsome guy a model

    • you're lucky then, I would much rather live somewhere more diverse.

    • I going get signed to a modeling agency in new york soon so not going around my town any longer

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  • I live in part of Oakland , California. It's heavily Asian and Hispanic with a good number of European Americans, and a few African Americans.

    Every country in the world is represented, though; There's a significant Ethiopian-Eritrean community with good restaurants with that cuisine.

    In my time there I've pinched women from every continent!