Girl acting hot and cold

this is a girl that has been flirting with me since a long time . One day I decided to talk to her . when I talked to her she said that she knows me and she got stunned when I talked to her. its was like when I said "EXCUSE ME" she stared me freezed and she started talking. Anyhow after that day she is acting hot and cold. its like she looks at me and then looks away. so I thought I should not look and give her some time. now she looks at me and stares once again. what is this ? but she does advance to talk to me.

i wanted to correct the last line : She does not advance to talk to me.


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  • I think she definitely likes you, but being female (yes I get that it's not the way it should be, and I get that there are exceptions to this) but she's going to wait for you to talk to her. In the same way it's culturally accepted that men ask women out, it's usually men who make the first move. And if you like her, which you haven't actually said one way or another, you should try talking to her again. It's actually really hard for most people to talk to people they like, that's probably why she froze up.

  • she wants you to approach her- wants to know if you're interested. even is she likes you,she wants


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