It is possible that he likes me?

There is this guy I know that has a girlfriend. I know its wrong but I can't help feeling attracted to him. I noticed that he is always watching me, look me in the eyes a lot, and stuff like that.

Today he said something about her, and looked at me quickly when he did that. I know its difficult to answer this one, but he was trying to make me jealous? Or he didn't like me at all?

Thanks :)


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  • This is never a good situation.
    Guys always lust over the girls that they don't have, and trust me most of the time
    it is all sexual.
    They will sweet talk you, have sex, and then stop talking to you because they would never
    leave their "happy home" over you.
    You will never have the advantage or the upper hand,
    you are just a girl they screwed.
    Do not involve yourself in a situation, you do not need to be in.


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  • if any guy makes eye contact these days its usually a dead give away that he likes you, but to be sure, see how he is around his other friends. if it seems as if he makes more eye contact with you than his other friends then yes, in my opinion he likes you.


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  • Nothing. As long as he has a girlfriend, I suggest you don't act on your feelings. I feel it's disrespecting towards their relationship and his girlfriend. If he makes a move, how hard it is to resist, I suggest you try. Put yourself in her position. If you had a boyfriend and a girl had feelings for him, would you appreciate it if she acted on them?