Is he interested in me?

I have liked a guy for about half a year and we go to a sports club and see each other twice a week. He is quite shy and we are both in our mid-teens. As we are both elite athletes, the only time we see each other is when I am always sweaty and look awful! However, despite his shyness he always seems to have a laugh and flirts with me and I sometimes catch him looking at me - before he looks away. Also, he liked some of my photos on instagram - I know it sounds sad but I'm just telling you guys everything - but they weren't pictures of me. I can't tell if he is interested - he's generally a really nice guy and is nice to everyone. What should I do next? Is he interested?


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  • well he seems inerested but ask him out.

  • You can't know unless you ask him and you can't know that unless he asks you out. I'd just up your game and start being nicer. Like get an extra drink of Lucozade or Water for him after you train, notice something about him and complement him, ask him about him and what he does outside of interest, interest, interest! Make him feel super comfortable...the secret...BE NICE! MAKE him feel like he's the most awesome person you WANT to meet and have to get to know! If there are a few of you in training, why not ask everyone to go for coffee afterwards...take initiatives..try to find ways to know him better...soon, he'll start to notice and if he likes you, he'll take the cue and start to chase yoU!

    Best Answer me please:)