I think he might like her and it's killing me inside, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

So I have a really good friend who I've known for about three years now. I've started having feelings for him about a year ago. I haven't told him about it because I am afraid it would make things complicated or awkward. Recently he's been talking to this girl and he acts "affectionate" towards her and is paying more attention to her than me. I think he might like her and it's killing me inside :(What would you do if you were in my shoes?


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  • If you don't ask, the answer is always "No". Your friendship with him is based on the hopes of you entering a relationship with him and you're not even doing that so what else do you expect besides disappointment? Your options are:

    - Keep it a secret and watch him date girl after girl but still remain platonic friends

    - Tell him, risk ruining a "friendship" and potentially be his girlfriend

    Just take comfort in the fact that in an alternate universe out there, you have confessed your feelings to him and you two are enjoying your time together.

    • True that. In my experience, if a person tells you about his interest in ANOTHER person, you're friend zoned for good. I'd tell all my friends about a guy I'm into but I'd definitely try not to let a guy know if I like him more than a friend, so not to ruin my chances completely. Doesn't mean it's effective or anything, just saying.

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  • Get ready for three years of depression. Still not over my friend and I haven't spoken to her in three years.

    Most men and women usually label people as friends very early on, and extreme situations can change that. Fortunately being a woman you could just sleep with him and change his mind pretty quick, but that doesn't always last. You need to ask right away, but before get a sh*t ton of whip-cream and chick flicks (When Harry met Sally will make you cry so be careful, it's literally about this situation)


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  • i think that if you tell him that you like him there is a big possibility he won't like you because he seems really interested in that other girl, it would be more to just get over it and being able to live with yourself knowing that he knows how you feel now, why did you wait so long?

    if I were you I woud just wait, let his relationship with ehr ran its course and once he is over her tell him how you feel