Out of the blue, she started giving me prolonged looks?

I met her through work. We work for the city, though she works for a neighboring city, in a different department than me. I didn't think she liked me. She's cute, but when we talked I didn't feel any electricity. But just recently, seemingly out of the blue she started giving me prolonged looks. Up to this point, she seemed nonchalant, didn't really pay any attention and it seemed completely platonic (non-intimate). Though we talked and she seemed nice enough, I didn't think she was into me. Should I take a look like that as interest? We worked together for a couple weeks, and we won't be seeing each other at all soon. Are the prolonged looks telling me she's interested?


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  • i think she found some interest in you but that doesn't necessarily mean that she likes you she could find you weird

    • Dumb answer. Girls don't smile and look deeply into a guy's eyes who they find weird.

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  • Women are very hard to read.. duh right?

    Maybe she is ovulating? You know.. (that burst of wanting sex for procreation purposes only sort of feelings that take them over every month!)

    Just a thought. But either way, what's wrong in asking her out?

    • Well hey, ovulating or not, if it's directed toward me who am I to complain? I should just take it as a compliment that it's directed toward me. I better act fast.

    • That a boy! ;)