Do guys often mistake "funny looking guys" who women find very attractive as ugly?


I seen it before guys who get picked on by other guys because they " are funny looking"

However women always seem love the guys that are mistaken for funny looking.

women sometimes think "funny looking guys are cute or hot "

would want a lot women to think your hot or cute but at same get pick on by guys for your funny looks?

the guys would get tease about having funny looking that he can't get any girls and this happened in gym locker room.

the good news is that the funny looking guy can be a model because of his weird looks.


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  • Of course Same goes for women I have this friend she is some what non girlfriend material yet guys see her as girlfriend material and are faithful to her while shy on the other hand isn't

    Pretty ironic


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  • Kinda Cute, Kinda Hot, Kinda Sexy, Hysterically Funny, But Not Funny-looking Guy Who You Could F***.

  • There's a guy I know who we all said looked like a caveman because in fairness, he did and he was a mate. Now, he can't push the girls away fast enough. Every night out in the summer (when he turned 18) he got with some girl. Now he has a girlfriend and girls all find him really cute. I have no idea why but they do.

  • Sorry but lame question..

    How could anyone possibly answer this? Everyone's opinion of "funny looking" differs.

    And from my experience it's not how you look but it's the man you are. That's what attracts women.