Can someone please help me understand this? Why is she staring at me and acting strange?

A few years back there was a girl I was unsure if she liked me, due to her playing a lot of games. So, I straight out asked her. Well, it turned out she had a boyfriend.

Some years have passed since then, but we still don't talk to one another, I lost respect for her for playing me. However, what I need help understanding is this girl has been staring at me, but when I notice she quickly looks away and she seems nervous around me at times or angry with me.

I don't pay her any attention so this is kinda strange to me. What is very odd to me is this girl keeps talking about her boyfriend non-stop to other people. Stuff like "my boyfriend said bla bla", "he's so good looking", "he's the greatest guy in the world.," etc.

She constantly talks about how great he is, so she must be happy and or in love with him. Good for her.

So, why is she staring at me and acting strange? (i.e nervous or mad.)


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  • a girl can admire her Boyfriend and still find other men attractive. It seems that is what is going on.

    Take it as a complement and move on

  • think she does like you, otherwise she won't be acting trange

    • Then why talk constantly about how great her boyfriend is? That does not make any sense to me.

    • girls can like you and still have boyfriends, maybe she is really attracted t you and she can't handle it which makes her talk about her boyfriend a lot so she won't cheat

    • thx

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