Dry nose :(

I get a dry nose a lot of the time even when I shower and wash my face and little flakes of skin will be on my nose, I scrub it hard with a wash cloth and it won't come off. anyone know of ways to make my nose not so dry?


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  • Firstly, scrubbing your face with a wash cloth of any kind tends to remove most of the natural oils our skin produces to keep our skin from getting dry.

    Secondly, you can get good moisturizers which are specially designed for your face, think dermatologist recommended, which won't clog your pores and cause acne. Using this type of moisturizer will not only keep your nose from getting dry, it'll keep the rest of your face from doing the same. Just be sure to check to make sure the moisturizer is dermatologist recommended.

    • Good idea, I might buy some.

  • What I do for my dry nose skin, is take packing tape and put it across the bridge of my nose, then when you take it off all the dead skin comes with it. It really helps me plus makes my nose really soft. :-P Just make sure you put lotion on your nose afterward so it doesn't become dry again. I hope this helps! It did for me!

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