Was this girl interested in me?

It's been on my mind with wonder. It happen couple weeks ago when I was on a light rail going on and it was crowded. I was standing and this girl was standing next me holding on the railing. I notice she kept looking at me the whole time (I can see from the corner of my eye and she is like few inches from me) and made me feel awkward because I never really had a girl keep her eyes on me that much. Myself I kept looking to my left and rarely turn my head toward her. She was position to my right. Then along the way the light rail broke down got stuck on the tunnel for a while, driver made an announcement and everyone laughed. I looked down for a second and we looked at each other laughed. At that point so much eye contact and I figure if I'm not going to say anything I should turn away and that is what I did. I felt like at that point next step was a conversation but I'm too shy and nervous to initiate. But I decide to initiate a small conversation with this guy to my left. Secondly, she was good looking and I get intimated by good looking girls so I don't bother. I like to go for average looking or below. If she was in that looks range I may would had tried.

Once we got out of the tunnel from being stuck, I just left. Sometime I wonder if what I did screw me over for potential for date. I also wonder was that a way of her showing any interest. me for myself I never think I'm good looking so I was thinking in my mind "gosh she is looking at me she is probably thinking how ugly I' am." I could be wrong but I would like to get women and maybe a few guys opinion about this.


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  • she might of though you were attractive... When you left she might of been bummed that you didn't talk to her realizing that you might never meet each other again and you most definitely should not get intimated by a pretty girl cause chances are they think their ugly. You should of sparked a conversation!


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