Can I pull off a red lip with this dress and these shoes?

Dress: link (I have a very noticeable cleavage though, unlike the model)

Shoes: link

Lipstick: link (Rimmel 107)

Blue eyes similar to mine: link

I won't wear tights with this dress. I have mid-chest dark blond hair and an athletic shape (I'm 125 pounds). I don't know if the red lip would be too much since I'll already get very noticed because I'll tower over everyone (almost 6 feet tall with heels, which I never wear), I NEVER show cleavage and I ALWAYS wear pants (I rarely get to show off my muscular calves and long legs).

It's a 20's inspired Halloween party, so I was thinking of going for the red lip + soft silver smokey eye OR nudish/berry lip + black smokey eye.

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  • Smokey eye FTW, keep the lip natural.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • well if you pull off your lips litrally it will be red -blood red :p sorry I know its not helpful nor the kinda answer your looking for

    none of the photos exactly help but try it look in the mirro and see what you think your the one thatll be wearing it


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah, I think it would look very nice.

  • if its for Halloween, do what you want


What Girls Said 1

  • I think it will work. it's Halloween, you are supposed to go a little over the top.